N/A (sprite)


The Corruption


Mutilation, sanity-draining


Enemy (sprite)

Watchers are prisoners that went corrupted in Section F. They're often stalking their prey and later on, killing them or abducting them. Their appearance is an orange jumpsuit, a grim dark skin and no eyeballs. They're able to possess their prey and then make them explode.


They make their first appearance in coop_omega7 where they don't harm the players, but make one soldier explode. In coop_omega9, they attempt to corrupt the fireteam's sanity. In coop_omega10, they partially corrupted a soldier's sanity, making him suicide. A Watcher also brutally killed a pleading soldier and "stole" all of his organs. Also, later in the same map, they possibly attempted to communicate with the team, only to send them disturbing noises to their radios.

It is possible that the Watchers use their past victim's blood to write informational and taunting messages to the protagonist team.

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Unknown drawing

Watchers are also able to cease their visibility, flicker and float above/below the void.

The photo seen on right might support the theory that it could be the leader of the Watchers or it could be The Spirit.

The Watchers can't be harmed in-game due to them being sprites.