1.1 (ALPHA):

-Improvements (ADDED)
-Addition of Section C (ADDED)
-Possible addition of Section: TORTURE (NOT ADDED)
-Addition of Bomb Sites. (ADDED)
-Secret locations (NOT ADDED)
-Bad Guy Rules (NOT ADDED)
-More ways to execute! (NOT ADDED)
-Addition of Level 4 and/or Level 5 Arsenals. (LEVEL 4 ADDED)
-More ventilation shafts to escape. (ADDED)

1.2 (ALPHA):

-Improvements (ADDED)
-Addition of Section D (NOT ADDED)
-Secret Locations (STILL NOT ADDED)
-Addition of Level 5 Arsenal (STILL NOT ADDED)
-New locations: Water Shafts, Work Yard (ADDED)

1.3 (ALPHA):

-Improvements (ADDED)
-Addition of Section D (NOT YET)
-Secret Locations (NOT YET)
-Addition of Level 5 Arsenal (ADDED)
-Numbers to all cells (ADDED)

1.4 (PRE-BETA):

-Improvements (ADDED)
-Addition of Section D (ADDED)
-Addition of Level 6 Arsenal (ADDED)
-A way to get the M134 in the APC. (ADDED, IT'S DAMN LOGICAL, TRUST ME)
-More turrets in the outside. (ADDED)

1.5 (BETA)

-Removal of the Medic Armor in the Medical Center (Don't worry, I will add it in later updates as a secret item)
-Removal of RPGs in the Level 5 Arsenal
-Riot Shields will be putted in Level 5 Arsenal
-Removal of M249 in the Level 5 Arsenal

1.5.1 (BETA)

-Fixed the 2nd Execution Chamber door-opening trigger.
-Maked the B on the floor more realistic.
-The cell's decals '7B' was turned into 'B7'.
-Makes the TVs not cover people.
-Poker Table's X offset was set to -3 and Y offset to 2, to cover the "floor" dyn-walls.

1.5.2 (BETA)

-Added streetchairs and trashcans.

1.6 (BETA)

-Fixed that you're able to go "under" the trashcans.
-Added a large metal maze, has only one trap and escape.
-Added two new blood decals.

1.6.1 (BETA)

-Fixed the trashcans in the eating room.
-Added prisoner levels
-Added a prison name
-Replaced alarm sound with a better one
-Replaced some sounds

1.7 (BETA)

-Fixed the trashcan in the Section A "freetime" room.
-Added new traps to the Metal Maze
-Changed the escape route in the Metal Maze.
-Released a demonic spirit with it's own dimenstion in the Metal Maze. (The dimension has one exit)

1.7.1 (BETA)

-Added an unnamed room with an Electric Facility and an undone room.

1.8 (BETA)

-Added the new Section E
-Added a catwalk leading to Section E
-Changed the escape route in the spirit's dimension

1.8.1 (BETA)

-Added the No Weapons script. Now you can find weapons ONLY in the arsenals
-There is a possibility to add weapons scattering around the Prison Omega

1.9 (BETA)

-Added a strong gas in the Catwalk
-Catwalk's name changed to Gas Catwalk
-Added some new sounds.

2.0 (BETA)

-Added an ending that destroys the entire Omega Prison. (Finally found out how to operate with the trigger_delay)
-Added an emergency gate known as Gate B that it's opener cell can be found at Section E
-Remodeled and shortened the APC and added a background for it.
-Added plans with their meanings for quick communication.
-The room for ending can be accessed by an elevator. But it's still about to be tweaked

2.0.1 (BETA)

-Added an apache to escape the nuclear detonation
-Expanded the way to freedom for the prisoners

2.1 (BETA)

-Added some features to the helipad.
-To escape the detonation, the guard must go IN the helicopter.
-Set the cell numbers to 19-24
-If you look closer to the gas clouds, then it looks like something in it was exploding.
-Section D has improved ventilation shafts

2.2 (BETA)

-Changed the color of EVERY single blood decal to darker red to make it realistic.
-Now added a dark background that can be lighten up by pressing the above button of Gate A or at the Electricity Room.
-Added a perfect switch sound
-Added the new Level 0 Arsenal which contains NVGs and smoke grenades.
-Improved the first dimensional trap. Now the spirit will make an appearance in there and [DATA EXPUNGED]

2.2.1 (BETA)

-Changed the color of the blood in the Section A freetime to darker red.
-Added chairs to the pool table.
-Added guard ranks

2.3 (BETA)

-Added Section F... in the dimension
-The truth will be revealed, who is REALLY or TRULLY controlling the entire prison?
-New escape route in the Spirit's Dimension

2.3.1 (BETA)

-Added two tesla coils
-Added a door to the lift which can be opened in [DATA EXPUNGED]
-Added manuals in this briefing
-Changed the voice of the announcer

2.3.2 (BETA)

-Added another liftdoor to the lift.
-Added new manual pages

2.4 (BETA)

-Added a level 7 arsenal in Section F
-The mysterious announcer will now say he's words that will be the pre-last thing you will hear.
-Added a new manual page: Electrical Room.
-Heavy darkness.

2.5 (BETA)

-Added one more tesla coil
-Added MOAR crates to Section C and D
-Added a bomb spot in the nuclear chamber.
-Added safey fences to the detonation button.

2.5.1 (BETA)

-Added a new escap
-Added a pathway, a road and a parking area for 3 police cars

2.6  (BETA)

-The electrical room is now connected to Section E
-Added the Gate B opener room in the Gas Catwalk
-The remote door control system has a larger role in escaping the prison
-Added the RDCS red light to the door in Section F
-Added a WC/bathroom
-Added some signs for better navigation, I was kinda lazy so I didn't add all of them
-Fixed some grammar mistakes in the manual.

2.6.1 (BETA)

-Just a very small update, I'm now hosting a server with the same map but in a Xmas version.

2.6.2 (BETA)

-Added level numbers to all arsenals

2.7 (BETA)

-Added alarms to Section D and E
-Changed the outside siren to something more realistic
-Added a resupply sign to the practice room
-Replaced the announcer's speech SFX in Section A with the old one
-Added monitor glasses to the electrical room.
-Replaced the chairs in the dinning room.

2.7.1 (BETA)

-Added an IFF plate in the nuclear room
-Re-added the dual turrets to the nuclear room
-Added a new addition to the Nuclear Rocket in the manual

2.7.2 (BETA)

-Added a special easter egg

2.8 (BETA)

-Added a WIP laboratory
-Added warning signs
-Removed the buggy detection in the Nuclear Chamber

2.9 (BETA)

- Added more signs (orienation signs included!)
- Finihed the first part of the laboratory
- There once was a survivor.
- The door to the experimental room seems to be accidently mixed with the nuke activation button
- New prisoner escape route
- Added sinks to the bathroom
- Added a sink in the dinning room

2.9.1 (BETA)

- Added a new room
- Removed the sign in the dimension
- The Voice tries to be the first in attention

2.9.2 (BETA)

- Explosive crates now do real damage! (i hope)
- Edited the darkness and added it in the laboratory
- The Voice explains more than you know
- Added a minor destructive enveiroment (breakable/explosive crates)