The Rake is a humanoid smeagol-like creature with glowing eyes. The creature earned it's name by it's long sharp claws. The Rake was firstly mentioned in 1691 (mariner's log), then in 1880 (spanish journal entry), 1964 (suicide note), 2003 (brief encounters),2006 (collaboration, Witness note and a footage), 2010 (a very clear photograph caught in Tennessee) and possibly in 2011, a sewer monster with a similiar appearance as The Rake, was lurking in the Victorian Sewers and the creature was jokingly dubbed "Messie".

The rake

A widely used image.


The Rake has a winning role over the Black Creature. The Rake can be observed by making small waves in the Lake part of the map. If a player gets closer to the lake, the waves dissappear and The Rake will be waiting. If a player gets into the source of the waves, The Rake (unseen) will kill the player, letting out a roar. Then, The Rake will retreat from the Lake possibly by a tunnel.

When you get into a very dark underground section of the map, there is a small area with closed doors. (This will only happen after The Rake kills someone in the lake) Getting closer will result into the sounds of a person getting mutilated, ending the "scene" with The Rake banging on the doors followed by ghostly footsteps.

However, it most unlikely that it could be The Rake. As the second scream does not match the noises heard in the lake.

It is possible, that the Black Creature might be a cover-up of The Rake, that is responsible for a massacre of a human team.  

The Rake






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