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Recurring character

The Overseer is an important role in Omega personnel. An overseer is often the head of the company and has the highest clearance to enter the Advanced Control Room that controls the entire building. Since the F-Incident, even no overseer is allowed to enter corrupted areas of the building.


The Overseer (before wiki creation called "The Announcer") is found in coop_omega 2 with two bodyguards. The Overseer tells the team to search for a distress beacon found in The Corruption. However, The Overseer possibly gaved the order to terminate the team for unknown reasons.


The Overseer makes his appearance if the player exits the maze by getting abducted by The Spirit and reaching the "literall" deadend of Section F. In-order to enter Section F's Advanced Control Room, the player must disable the remote door control (the player must reach Section F in 6 minutes and 32 seconds). If the player already reached the room, a corrupted figure (The Overseer) will stay mute until a button is pressed. The Overseer will start talking with a computer-like voice. It implies that the remote door control system maked him a hard work to control the facility/prison and after a short talk, the Overseer frees the player.

It's computer-like voice can be heard again without having to go Section F, few seconds before the nuclear explosion. It will ask that the players choose to die in the prison, and after his "very well", the prison gets annihilated along with everyone inside or near it.

It's encrypted voice can be triggered multiple times, such as: activating an alarm voice and nuke countdown.