Sane Military




Lesser Corruption


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Protagonists (The Team)

The Sane Military is a special platoon (over 60 soldiers) that is assigned to Section F's chaotic events, such as appearance of murderous paranormal beings, corrupted personnel or for Section F's downfall. Sane Military is created from highly trained personnel with a clean sanity. Sane Military personnel are no longer guards, they're mostly considered to be a commando and/or soldiers (Omega Soldats)

Coop_Omega trilogyEdit

Sane Military makes their first appearance as bodies and players. Then they make their second appearance in coop_omega5 as a holographic foreshadow. Their third live appearance is in coop_omega7 and later on, where they  betray and attack the players.

In coop_omega10, there is an ironic scene where you hear a soldier commit suicide, which atttracts the attention of one of the trapped soldiers.

The reason of betray is not revealed yet, but a graffiti says that everything is a lie, therefore it could direct to the distress beacon order.

Despite having the AI of npc_soldier, they will chase the player if he/she's nearby and due to the game being a top-down game, they will not attempt to take cover and will only shoot and chase their target(s). They only have a moderate amount of experience/pros, this is proven by:

  • The soldier avoiding falling and envieromental hazards
  • Chasing their target (already mentioned)
  • Shooting enemies off-screen
  • Their intuition

  • Their increased hostility when Fog of War is enabled

  • Their increased health in each map

Their AI possesses not only pros, but also a few cons.

  • Depending on the player's position, the soldiers might cause friendly fire
  • Lack of combat experience (caused by their AI)

Trapped SoldierEdit

Trapped Soldier




Pieces of corrupted floor


Submachine Gun



Trapped soldiers are trapped members of Sane Military. They have lowered health and almost always stay on the same tile, making them easy, but harmful targets. They maked their first appearance in coop_omega10 and are quite rare.