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The prison is a large building to maintain dangerous prisoners from the globe. Prison Omega also has stricter rules that violation is followed by death. New prisoners that are maintained in Omega Prison will first be passively interrogated to remind their crimes, then their prisoner level is choosed. Prison Omega has 6 sections.


 Section AEdit

Section A is the area in the prison to be entered. It is the only section that has a room filled with cells. It is the only section with no explosive crates near it (Section C is excluded). It is accessed and exited by Gate A or ventilation shafts. It has the highest number of arsenals (4). In late versions, a new obstacle is introduced: Tesla Gate.

CounterStrike2D 2013-04-25 16-00-02-35

Section A, the first area to be entered


Level 0-4 Arsenals

Execution Center/Chamber

Cell Room


Dinning Room

 Section BEdit

The second section of the prison. Players must now keep their distance from explosive crates, as in late versions, they deal moderate damage, depends on radius. This section also introduces a variant of the large crate (old) and a variant of the standard ventilation shafts (water shafts).

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Section B

Live Fire Exercise Range Shower Room

Section CEdit

Third section of the prison. Contains more obstacles and shares a laboratory with Section D. Section C also has Gate B and level 6 arsenal and leads to Section D, E and a working field.

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Section C



Level 6 Arsenal

Working Place


Prison Omega is a part of Project: Ω, next to Asylum Omega. Prison Omega was build in 2012 and is still recieveing additional posters, deliveries, supplies, etc...