Corruption Portals are spacetime gateways that can be activated on a pentagram. When entered, the portal sends the object to a desired or random destination. Most portals lead to highly corrupted locations as in coop_omega8. There is a variant called "Hole Portal" that are Einstein-Rosen Bridge-like holes, that when entered, opens another hole above the "destination ground".


A corruption portal is first seen in coop_omega8 where it teleports the players to a massively corrupted area. A closed hole portal is seen in coop_omega10 (next to it is a graffiti saying that there was a hole there, but now it's gone).

The corruption portal in coop_omega8 is opened when a corrupted vortigaunt is killed. The closed hole portal in coop_omega10 cannot be opened. It is worth noting that hole portals possibly spread a dust-like corruption around the room, but it doesn't harm or affect the players in any way.