The Loud Guy        The main protagonist of the roleplay, likes to yell at people and lives in a hobo condition. Now he  is trying to make money for a new computer to have revenge on his rival.   

The Pro            ' A possibly recurring character. Beated Loud Guy's butt in a Counter-Strike gameplay. He is the reason of The Loud Guy's story and goal to gain revenge on him.            

Seller 1            Died because of The Loud Guy's threatening to destroy his Nigga Market.
Seller 2            Replacement of Seller 1, got killed by a Pyramid Head
Inspector         Inspectates The Loud Guy's computer cases and likes to scream things in the faces of people
Pyramid Head       The Pyramid Heads are the not-so-main antagonists of The Loud Guy's story. One of them always appear lately in the Silent Hill (after the alarm). The reason why the Pyramid Heads "attack" areas of Gmodian Republic is unknown. However, they seem to "control" the Silent Hill event, this can be proven when the Pyramid Head dies, the event will stop.


Niggers             Created from numerous rascists. One of the rascists run a place called "Nigga Market" in       Construct area. The place however, was closed due to 7777 deaths of customers. Trollsoft Corp.     A parody of Microsoft Corporation ran in Gmodian Republic. Their first OS was called "MS-BOSS" which received outstanding reviews. This forced the company into releasing AWSOM PRODUCTS! :D  However, they are enemies with Sanyc. They both try to gain victory by creating better and better products. They're responsible for finding ancient computers.

Sanyc Corporation         A parody of Sony Corporation ran in Gmodian Republic. They're known as the best console-creating schmucks in the republic.

Mac. Man            Not much information is known about them, they seem to release products that TROOOOLL

G-Military      Military of the Gmodian Republic. This faction is ran by the Universal Union. They seem to having
                    problems with squirells that cause random orbital strikes and rarely, nuclear explosions. They
                    seem to use very lethal weaponry in-order to stop high-level threats, such as dinosaurs.

G-Government        The government of the Gmodian Republic. They are the leaders of the G-Military and are the
                             backbone of the republic. Their leader is the president, while their vice-leader is a mysterious
                             man with a Black Mesa briefcase.

Dinosaurs           The second (first being the Silent Hill events) problem of the Gmodian Republic. They appeared   from  an unknown origin.

(2nd July) DAY 1 = First Silent Hill event. Bad Luck on Loud Guy's side, however, he gets a job as a PC Case seller
(3rd July) DAY 2 = Nigga Market closed due to deaths. Second SH event.
(4th July) DAY 3 = Construct area becomes infested with zombies